Weed for sale: best places to buy weed online in Canada and elsewhere

Can you buy weed online?

So, you want to know whether you can purchase marijuana online.  The short answer is: it depends.  Whether weed is for sale online (and they are willing to ship to you) mainly depends on where you live.  You can probably find weed for sale online in Canada, for example.  I am most familiar with Canadian laws because I happen to live in Canada.

Buying Weed Online: Is it legal where you live?

However, here are some general rules: If you want to buy weed online, if it is illegal where you are located, you will have a difficult time finding a legitimate site that will ship to you.  What do I mean by “legitimate site”?  I mean a site that actually has relatively honest people on the other end of it who have product to send to you.

Some sites are set up as scams so that you will send them your hard-earned cash and receive nothing.  If marijuana is illegal where you live, who will you complain to?  Please do not fall victim to these scams.  Later in this article, I explain what to look out for.

Canada is an exception because it is still illegal here, but…

Although marijuana is still illegal in Canada, there are concrete plans to legalize it in 2018.  So, if you live in Canada, there are now many legitimate sites that sell weed online.

Things have changed.  Previously, there were fewer sites that sold weed online and it was more challenging to get these sites to actually ship to you.  You needed a note from your doctor saying what illness you were being treated for, a prescription for a medication that suggested you had such an illness (for example, a prescription for Effexor to suggest you were being treated for depression), or you had to pay $200 out of pocket for one of the dispensary’s physicians to issue you a prescription of some sort.  So, there was weed for sale, but it was not necessarily easy to access.  However, things have changed.

Alternately, there were/are some sites that would ship to anyone, but they charged quite a lot above market value for the marijuana.

However, currently, in Canada, in anticipation of upcoming legalization, I have noticed that most sites that sell weed online are simply requiring that you upload an image of your driver’s license or other identification that shows you are over 19 years of age.  Some also ask that you tell them for what ailment you require medical marijuana.

Please note that the sites that sell marijuana well above market rate in Canada still exist, so buyer beware.  Currently, I would say the “average” cost of marijuana is in the $10/gram range in Canada.  There are some strains that you can get more cheaply and you can sometimes get a deal by purchasing in bulk.  Also, sometimes, there are strains that are simply premium and therefore more expensive in the same way that a fine wine will cost more than cheap swill.  If a site’s “average” marijuana price is over $15/gram in Canada, you can probably do better.

What about buying weed online in America?

In the United States, although there are a few sites that sell weed online, most sites with weed for sale do not seem legitimate.  In the states that allow legalization, I have seen some online sites that do delivery.  For example, there are a few sites in California where you can order online and a delivery driver will bring the product to your home.

I am not an expert in US Law, but I believe the reason for this is that although marijuana use is legal in several US states, it is still illegal federally.  So sending marijuana through the mail (a federal system) is illegal.

How can you know if a site selling weed is legitimate?

By “legitimate,” I mean that they will actually send you what they say they will send.  First, there is no way to know for sure until you place an order and receive your product.  So, if you have any doubts, I would recommend placing a very small order first to see what happens.  This is not efficient in terms of shipping costs, but that’s just the way it is.

There are a few things you can look out for, though.  Here are things I would look out for:

  1. Does the site JUST sell marijuana and marijuana-related products (such as THC pills, tinctures, oils, etc.)?  If the site is also selling hard drugs, it is shady, particularly in Canada because we are so close to legalization, but not of the hard drugs.  So, if you see them selling such things as Nembutal, it might be a good idea to steer clear.
  2. Does the site list its prices for EACH product?  Most legitimate sites do.  I have seen some of the shady ones just list prices for one or two products in one or two quantities and then show the others, but leave the prices blank.
  3. Does the site require you to submit identification as proof that you are over 19 (the age of consent in British Columbia, where most of the dispensaries are located)?  If not, it’s probably not legit.  This just applies to Canada.
  4. Are the prices outrageously high or insanely low?  Either way, something is not right.

Follow your instincts.  If a site “feels” scammy, it probably is.

Where can you find weed for sale?

I am not going to list specific sites because there are a lot of good ones and because I don’t want to encourage anyone since, well, it is still illegal, right?  However, you could try googline, “online dispensary Canada,” and you will probably find what you are looking for.  Happy hunting!

where to buy marijuana online

If you want to buy weed online in places where it is illegal, I notice that some people have asked how to do this on quora.com and other people (who sell it) have replied to them.  Their replies tend to be super-shady giving out an email address , a telephone number, and a list of marijuana and non-marijuana products that they peddle.  On the one hand, as I said, this is not very legitimate and you could easily get scammed.  However, if you are ill and in need of marijuana and living somewhere you cannot get it in any other way, this might be something to try.  You might just lose your money though.  Buyer beware.


Nearly anywhere that you live, purchasing weed online is illegal.  Even in Canada, where we are so close to legalization, it is illegal.  This means it carries risk.  What if the dispensary gets raided and then the police have your information?  How comfortable are you with that?

To my way of thinking, if you live in Canada, particularly since we are so close to legalization, and if you have a medical condition for which weed is helpful, the risks of buying weed are fairly low.  However, you have to decide for yourself whether it is worthwhile to find weed for sale online.

Please take care when choosing where they offer weed for sale.  Not all sites are the same.  Not all are legitimate.  Buying weed in the United States and other countries is quite a bit more challenging because the laws are stricter.

In some countries, the laws are so strict that it would be foolish to even try to purchase marijuana.  For example, in Thailand, the laws against selling weed are so strict that never mind about purchasing it online, it would be foolish to purchase it or consume it at all.  The risk of spending time in a Thai prison just does not seem worth it.  This can be said of many other countries as well.

What do you consider when you buy weed online?  Do you live in a country other than the US or Canada?  What experiences do you have with buying weed online?

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