The Pregnancy Pact: Was it ever a true story?

The pregnancy pact was allegedly a pact made between several girls at a high school in Massachussetts that they would all get pregnant and raise their babies communally.  The peculiar story was written up in Time magazine and formed the basis for the film featured in the link below.  However, what is the truth behind the story?

What makes “The Pregnancy Pact” such a compelling story?

It seems like a story about very silly, frivolous teenaged girls who do not understand the gravity of the responsibilities that they are taking on.  It is, in other words, a story that makes for good gossip: girls sullying their “reputation” for no reason.

the pregnancy pact

But… did the pregnancy pact actually happen?

However, according to, “The Pregnancy Pact” never happened.  Or at least not the way the Time magazine article depicted.  According to, the girls simply agreed, once pregnant, that they would help each other out with their babies — not nearly the sensational story initially suggested.

So, was there a pregnancy pact or not?  Only the girls involved know whether the pregnancy pact was real.  We are left with some interesting gossip to ponder.  Because what else will we do with all this free time?

By the way…

If you happen to be a teen considering making your own pregnancy pact or considering getting pregnant, I know it is unlikely that an article on someone’s blog is going to make a difference to you.  However, as someone who did get pregnant as a teenager, I can tell you that it is extremely challenging to be a teen mom, especially a single teen mom (although I was initially married).

Adults can be so judgmental and it is hard to separate out their condescension towards all things teen from their genuine concern sometimes.  Do you know what I mean by that?  I am talking about how sometimes adults think they know everything and teens know nothing.  It’s upsetting.  I remember.

pregnancy pact

Why is it bad to be a teen mom?

However, becoming a pregnant teen is a bad idea.  And I don’t know that they show the bad parts in these shows about it, so I will briefly list the bad parts about being a teen mom:

  1.  You (usually) have no peers — most of your friends are not going to be teen moms and they are going to want to party, but you can’t because you have a baby to take care of.
  2. You have to figure out a way to earn a living and get an education and take care of a baby.  And you only just barely reached adulthood.  In fact you’re not really quite an adult yet.  It’s overwhelming at times.
  3. Boys will like you and then take one look at the stroller and run far, far away.  It’s sad, but true.  Most guys who are teenagers do not want to date a teen mom.  This can be heart-breaking if you happen to be a teen mom.  (However, if you are, remember that one day, you will be an older mom and those boys will become men…)
  4. Your opportunities are limited compared to what they would have been.

Those are just some of the many reasons.

So, the moral of the story is that it seems like the girls in Mass. did not make “The Pregnancy Pact” and neither should you, in case you were considering it.

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