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For years, I have been using Go Daddy as my domain registrar.  As of this writing, this site is hosted on Go Daddy.  And I have not been exceptionally thrilled with their service.  Instead, I found another domain registrar that I highly recommend.

I may go into depth about my research while looking for a new domain registrar later, but for now, I wanted to say that I just discovered Name Silo.  Name Silo provides domain registration for only $8.99 per year and that includes free privacy if you want it!  Use coupon code GR8DEAL for an extra $1 off!

And, yes, that is my affiliate link, but I wouldn’t bother to write a post about something I was not truly excited about.  I just bought my first new domain name with them and I think I will be using them on into the future.  I only happened to hear about them on someone else’s blog, so I thought they deserved a mention here.  Enjoy!


  1. I have never thought about Silo;thank you for sharing this new idea.
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  2. i think godaddy is best compared to Name Silo

    • Why do you think GoDaddy is better? I was with them for years, and I found they were more expensive and provided less for the same amount of money. For example, NameSilo provides free WHOIS privacy with the cost of registration whereas I believe I paid about $9.99 per year per domain with GoDaddy for this service on top of the domain price. However, if there is some reason why Godaddy is better that I did not notice in the decade or more that I was with them, please enlighten me. I would be very interested to hear it, actually.

  3. in my exception go dady is better .open market u have so many option

    • It is true that there are many options. You say Go Daddy is better. I wonder if you have tried both and what you feel is better about Go Daddy. Go Daddy charged me more money, but they provided the same service as a domain registrar as Name Silo does. In terms of web hosting, my WordPress sites that are on Go Daddy are much slower than those hosted elsewhere. When I tried to consult with Go Daddy about this issue, they suggested two fixes: 1. I alter my site to reduce the number of plug-ins. That will indeed reduce load time, but I was hoping they might have a solution on their end. 2. I could upgrade to a more costly service that they provide.

      Instead, I went with a different, less costly service provider (Siteground). The sites I have migrated so far became about 20 – 30% faster just from the move alone. This was exactly what I suspected would happen. I don’t know if Go Daddy is slow in general (some have said so) or if I was just their client for too many years and my account was on an old, decrepit server in a server room in a cornfield in the middle of nowhere.

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