Will I Ever Find Love? – How I found my soul mate after 40.

will i ever find love

Will I ever find love? I wrote about this after reading a question on Quora from someone who asked, “Why can’t I find love?”  It can often feel pretty hopeless as we wonder, “Will I ever find love?” After all, we are unique individuals. When we start dating, we meet …

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Books to Read Online: the 21 Best Sites to Find Free Ebooks Online

What types of sites offer books to read online? When you are looking for books to read online, you will notice that there are several possibilities, which will be explained in more detail further down.  For now, here are the main possibilities: Sites that offer free books to read online …

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There’s no such thing as impossible… or is there?

I have two pet peeves around the common usage of the word “impossible,” and they seem to be opposites of each other.  The first is people who say nothing is impossible and the second is people who say something is impossible when it actually is just hard or unlikely.  Unclear? …

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Nouveau poor: my daughter is a digital nomad

While the term “nouveau riche” used to be very common, I propose that we bring the phrase “nouveau poor” into common usage.  Specifically, it could be used to describe this growing segment of society that is dropping out of mainstream society entirely and choosing to go their own way in the …

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Depressing pictures: the most depressing pictures?

depressing pictures

What makes for the most depressing pictures?  And why do people want to see depressing pictures?  Interestingly, while we could perhaps all agree that scenes from a war zone or a hospital would be depressing, there are some pictures that could easily trigger a negative mood in someone without being …

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The Pregnancy Pact: Was it ever a true story?

the pregnancy pact

The pregnancy pact was allegedly a pact made between several girls at a high school in Massachussetts that they would all get pregnant and raise their babies communally.  The peculiar story was written up in Time magazine and formed the basis for the film featured in the link below.  However, …

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Domain Registrar: Domain Registration with Name Silo

For years, I have been using Go Daddy as my domain registrar.  As of this writing, this site is hosted on Go Daddy.  And I have not been exceptionally thrilled with their service.  Instead, I found another domain registrar that I highly recommend. I may go into depth about my …

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